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  HAAKE RheoWin Software, database error message
Information on database error message

Since early october 2017 any RheoWin version(before version 4.75.0002) may display a database error message directly after it is launched.

Please note:
This error message is caused by a bug in a Windows Update (and NOT by a bug in RheoWin) that was recently released by Microsoft.
The following Windows update contain this bug:

This error message looks like the one below:


After clicking Ok RheoWin will run just fine on most PC’s but the (Excel) Language file will not be loaded.
As a consequence, all text in RheoWin will be displayed in English language.

This problem was solved by Microsoft with the following new Windows update:

  • Windows 10, version 1709   KB 4048955
  • Windows 10, version 1703   KB 4048954
  • Windows 8.1                      KB 4048958
  • Windows 7 SP1                   KB 4048957
Under normal circumstances (as recommended by Microsoft) these updates should be installed automatically.

These new Microsoft updates solve this problem for ANY RheoWin version.

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