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  HAAKE RheoWin Software, version 3.50.0012
 Download the RheoWin files
This is a fully executable version of RheoWin. Please note that in order to be able to install RheoWin 3 on your computer you need a RheoWin 3 License Key!

Please note: You always have to deinstall any other RheoWin 3.x version before installing a new version on the same PC!

Download the following two *.ZIP files and copy them to a single (temporary) directory on your hard drive.

Then unzip each the two *.ZIP files using any suitable unzip program.

In case you do not have an (UN)ZIP program you can download a freeware ZIP program  from the following Web-site : http://www.ozemail.com.au/~nulifetv/freezip/index.html.

Because of the size of the *.cab files it is not possible anymore to copy the installation files to floppy disks.

RheoWin 3 and Windows Vista
RheoWin 3 runs ok under Window Vista but there are some issue with saving files under Windows Vista (files are not there were they seem to be!). Therefore it is NOT recommended to run RheoWin 3 under Windows Vista.

However RheoWin 4 is 100% compatible with Windows Vista.
RheoWin and changes to Daylight Saving Time
The change to DST rules will have no direct influence on the HAAKE RheoWin software, since it gets its date and time information from the Windows operating system.  As a consequence however, HAAKE RheoWin users in the U.S. do need to ensure that their Windows installation has been updated so that its automatic clock changes conform to the new DST rules.

For an official statement and more information see the following document:

Supported instruments
  • RheoWin 3 currently supports the following HAAKE instruments:
    Rheometers Viscometers Circulators Temp.Controllers Other Modules
    MARS II VT550 DC5 TC80 RheoScope Module
    RheoStress 600   F6, N6 TC81  
    RheoStress 300   F8, N8 TC500  
    RS150 RotoVisco 1 DC30, DC50 TC501  
    RS80   F3C TP1800  
    RS75 VT6L, VT6R, VT7L, VT7R Phoenix UTC  
    RT20 VT7L-plus, VT7R-plus   CTC (Oven)  
    RheoStress 1 *        
    RheoScope 1        
  • * This is (currently) the newest RheoWin version which supports the first series of RheoStress 1 instruments,
    RheoWin 3.61 and RheoWin 4.x currently do NOT support these older RheoStress 1 instruments.
    The first series of RheoStress 1 instrument can be recognized by the silver coloured drive motor shaft.
    The second series of RheoStress 1 instrument have a dark coloured drive motor shaft.
  • RheoWin 3 does not support older instruments like the RT10, VT500, VT501 and the RV20+RC20/RV30 with CV20, CV100, M5 or M10. For these instruments please use RheoWin 2.97.
Supported operating systems 
  • We recommend the use of one of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

    - Windows XP with or without any Service Pack.
    - Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1 (or higher)
  • RheoWin also runs under one of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems, however please note that Microsoft does not supply support for these operating systems anymore!

    - Windows NT4.0 with Service Pack 6 and Internet Explorer 6
    - Windows ME
    - Windows 98 SE
    - Windows 98 with Y2K update and Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2
  • RheoWin will not run under the following Microsoft Windows operating systems (or any other operating system)

    - Windows 95
    - Windows 3.x
    - Windows NT3.x !
  • IMPORTANT: In order to be able to make RheoWin compliant with the FDA 21 CFR part 11 it is required that RheoWin runs under  Windows XP or Windows 2000 (or Windows NT 4.0 with the above mentioned restrictions).
  • We highly recommends the use of a PC with a Pentium III 500 (or faster) processor and at least 256 Mb of RAM.
Rheowin 3 license key
In order to be able to install this version of RheoWin on your computer you will need a valid RheoWin 3 license key.

A separate license key is needed for installing the tools for FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance. A separate license key is also needed to install the new TTS (Time Temperature Superposition) tools.

The keys for RheoWin 3 consist of a company name, serial number and the key code. You will have to enter this information manually during the installation. When you receive the key per e-mail this information will be stored in a *.key or *.txt file which can be opened and viewed by using any text-editor (Notepad, Write, Word, etc.).

A Key-Diskette for RheoWin 2.xx will NOT enable you to install RheoWin 3, however the upgrade from RheoWin 2 to RheoWin 3 is free of charge (shipping and handling costs may apply).

You can request a RheoWin 3 license key using the RheoWin Key order form.

Installation of RheoWin 3
RheoWin 3 can be installed parallel to an existing RheoWin 2.xx installation if needed. Please note that RheoWin 3 can read RheoWin 2.xx data, job and page files (backward compatibility), but that RheoWin 2.xx can NOT read RheoWin 3 files !! RheoWin 3 should never be installed in the same directory as RheoWin 2.xx !!

The installation program of RheoWin 3.50 offers the user the possibility to transfer all settings (apart from the Unit settings) from a previous installation of RheoWin 3.xx. Please refer to paragraph 2.7 and 3 of the file rhw361.doc for details.

Here's how to install RheoWin:

  1. Please note that (Windows) Administrator rights are needed to install RheoWin!
  2. Deinstall (remove) any previous RheoWin 3 version first (if applicable):
    Click the Windows Start button, then select Settings then select Control Panel in the Control Panel select Add or Remove Programs in the list of programs select HAAKE RheoWin and then click on the Change/Remove button and follow the instructions.
  3. From a directory on your harddisk in which you unzipped the *.ZIP files:
    To install RheoWin from harddisk go to the (temporary) directory in which you unzipped the *.ZIP files after downloading. Please make sure that you have the following 7 files in that directory : HAAKE RheoWin.msi, Setup.exe, Data1.cab, 1031.mst, 1033.mst, 1034.mst, 1036.mst, 1043.mst. To start the installation please run the Setup.exe program.
  4. From the RheoWin CD:
    This CD is "self-starting", just click on "Install HAAKE RheoWin 3" to start the installation. In case the installation screen does not come up automatically you can start it by double-clicking on the file "index.htm" in the Windows explorer, this will show the installation screen in your web-browser. You can also start the installation by run the setup.exe program from the RheoWin directory on the CD

The installation program will guide you through the installation. Please make sure that you have a RheoWin 3 License Key (see above) readily available since the installation program will ask for this.

RheoWin and Windows users (Administrators, PowerUsers, Users, etc.)
Windows users with the default Administrator or PowerUser rights will be able to run RheoWin without the need for any modifications.

For Windows users with the default Users rights an Administrator has to make sure that those users have read and write (!) access to the RheoWin 3 main directory and all its subdirectories, as well read and write (!) access to the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Thermo Electron\RheoWin3
key in the windows registry.

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