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HAAKE CaBER 1 Software, version 5.0.12

Download the CaBER 1 software files

Download the following *.ZIP file and copy it to a new empty directory on your hard drive.

Then unzip the *.ZIP file using any suitable unzip program.

To install the software run the setup.exe file.

Please note:

Do not install any software from the CD's supplied with the NI USB-6212 DAQ card.
The file includes everything that is needed to install and run the CaBER 1 sofware.

Please note:

This software is for use with the new external NI USB-6212 DAQ card only!
This software will NOT work with the NI PCi 6024E DAQ card or the NI PCMICA 6024E DAQ card.

CaBER Manual

The CaBER manual version 2.0 is valid for the CaBER software version 5.0.x also, that is apart from the software installation, which is described in a separate document, see below.