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   HAAKE Rheometer Software & Firmware
HAAKE Rheometer Software  

Information on the following Thermo Scientific software product.

Please note: Since early october 2017 any version of RheoWin may display a database error message directly after it is launched this problem is caused by a bug in a Windows update.
See here for more information on this.

The above problem is now (mid November 2017) solved (for any RheoWin version) by Microsoft with new Windows updates.
See here for more information on this.

HAAKE RheoWin software

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Previous versions
HAAKE Temperature Calibration Tool

Latest version
HAAKE Viscotester iQ RheoApp software

Latest version
HAAKE CaBER 1 software

Latest version (only for NI USB 6212 DAQ card)
Previous version (only for NI PCI 6024E DAQ card)
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  HAAKE Viscotester iQ
  The new HAAKE Viscotester iQ:
  See here for two videos:
  1) The official HAAKE Viscotester iQ video (on Youtube)
  2) The HAAKE Viscotester iQ on the Analytica 2014 (on Youtube)

 HAAKE Rheometer Firmware


 Rheonaut Module: Simultaneous Rheometry and FTIR

The RHEONAUT module couples an FTIR spectrometer to a standard HAAKE MARS rheometer, allowing for the simultaneous rheological and infrared spectroscopical examination of a sample in a shear field.

For more information on the Rheonaut module see:

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